The gracious event host caters to guests’ every whim. We’re the team behind you, catering to your every whim so you can host an event like no other.

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Private Dining

Private dining venues and menus reflect an air of relaxed sophistication and exclusivity. We’ll set the mood; you get down to business… or pleasure.

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Gift Cards

Last minute gift. Lasting impression. Kent Rathbun Concepts gift cards prove you have exquisite taste and know how to show your appreciation, love or gratitude.

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About Kent Rathbun

In order to push culinary boundaries, you first have to master them. Chef Kent Rathbun is an example of how learning the cooking fundamentals can spark a revolution.

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Do we promise to support you in times of tasting and decisions? Give you the wedding menu of your dreams? Cater details to your theme and guests? We do!

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Come to find out, there is a recipe for adventure. And it could begin with one ingredient and a simple search through our online cookbook.

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Home cooks get an edge with Chef Kent’s Elements line, Falk salt and Chroma knives. Recreate the Rathbun taste at home or share it with others far away.

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